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  • Simplicity: A meed profile is simple to build by importing - LinkedIn, Github, Stackoverflow, Dribbble and other sources!

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  • Meed score: Meed score is built from your profile, which is used to match jobs, people and content from Meed marketplace!

Tanya Parker I find it really easy to apply for jobs with simple clicks like never before!

Tanya Parker, USC

(Sample meed profile)

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  • Jobs: Meed's advanced ranking technology helps in accessing jobs that are most relevant for your interests and profile.

  • Insights: Track status of your applications and be in the know with information on profile visits, ranking in employer search etc.

  • Communicate: You can communicate with other students who are like you, your alumni and different employers.

Maximized my chances of getting into a company that suited my profile. Love it!

Berkeley CS Grad

3. Relevant social graph

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